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The improvement and advancement of mini plus® since 1991 are dependent not only on the effort and professionalism of the management and employees, but emanate as well from the trust that the merchants and professionals of the region have placed in our efforts, as evidenced by their willingness to advertise in this publication.

This trust and support have enabled us to create and build one of the most effective reference tools for the local community and over the years our publication's circulation has increased, to a figure of 33,000 copies.

The hundreds of advertisers included in the mini plus® are winning partners. We would strongly encourage you to support these regional advertisers as frequently as possible.

MagnéTOUCH media inc. has built an unparalleled reputation for excellence in developing an effective regional phone book. In this day and age this is a true accomplishment.

We would like to take this special opportunity to extend our sincerest gratitude to all residents and businesses for making mini plus® the #1 regional phone book.

Since 1991 MagnéTOUCH media inc has focused and dedicated its hard work on being able to assist the business people and professionals of our region in achieving better results with their advertising strategies.

Client satisfaction is a service that we take to heart and one that we pride ourselves in delivering.

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Mini plus® phone book is prepared and produced by MagnéTOUCH media inc.